Water Adventure


3/11/20242 min read

When you chose to dive into the ocean,

You didn’t know,

What these waters had in store for you.

Just a strong sense that,

Somewhere, in these ebbs and flows,

There are treasures.

Exquisite, breathtaking, life-changing.

Treasures, to be found.

And so, you dived in.

A creature of the land.

Somewhat prepared, but mostly out of fearlessness, and ignorance

After all, how can you prepare for the life in water, on land?

The water world is different.

On land,

Your body is thicker and denser, than the lightness of the air

In water,

Less so. Your body feels lighter compared to what surrounds it

When you move your arms and legs,

You feel that something moves with it.

When you speak, cry, breath, you feel immediately, how the environment around you changes

Forces, opposing forces. Separate, United.

The water around you envelopes you.

A similar density to what is inside you

The separation dissolves,

What is you, not you, dissolves

What you see, you find strange yet captivating

Animals with fins, plants in pink

So different from what you are accustomed to,

In this lifetime.

Bizarre, yet, somewhere deep inside,

There is a deep sense of familiarity.

After all,

The water is where we all came from

You keep swimming forward, looking for the treasure.

A part of you on edge, a part of you at ease

At some point, you encounter a creature

This creature makes a courteous gesture of greeting

And you swim towards it

It was nothing like what you’ve seen before.

Limbs in places you would not expect limbs,

Eyes in places you would not expect eyes.

And yet, you are attracted towards this creature

The algae, the corals, the shrimps, they seemed all to be a part of this creature

Their interactions so close, harmonious, self-regulated, that you would think so

You swim closer without hesitation,

Something inside of you is drawn towards it,

It felt like embarking on a new adventure, towards the treasure you were looking for,

But it also felt like,

Coming home

Eventually, you are close enough, and you touch

You feel its peculiar limbs, eyes,

The warmth of its skin, the strength of its muscles,

The pulse of its heart

You also become a part of the creature,

Just like the algae, the corals, the shrimp,

And you melt, dissolve, into the place where you came from,

Where we all came from

You fall into a dreamy state of sleep

Safe, equanimous, content,

Unaware of space, and time.

You finally see, the form of this creature

You see its light, but also its shadow.

Both were immense, looming, powerful.

The creature tells you,

“You are beautiful”

The teenage part of you giggle and marvel, seen, appreciated

And somewhere out there,

Or in here,

A voice of yours says

“Because I am like you”

You see yourself, the creature,

The light, the shadow,

Interplaying. There begins a vision, of you becoming the creature,

The creature becoming you

Nourishing, nourished

You feel your limbs, your power, your infinite potential, stretched out to the entire ocean

You feel the algae, the corals, the shrimps, in your body

Was this the treasure you were looking for? Was this the home you were looking for?

Just as you ask the question,

something suddenly snaps,

You run out of air,

And move towards the surface,

Shuddering on land

It was not the creature

It was your own shadow

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