Prepping for Interviews

Prose: Takeaways from prepping for consulting interviews


How I first approached it

Taking big piece of sculpting rock , 2 meters tall, rough and irregular. Cutting off the bulky bits. And then shaping it, shaping it, shaping it more. The rock stood side by side my ideal type. Each outer detail perfect, made to conquer and impress.
So I sculpted my rock, copying the model, limb by limb, every nuance, every detail.

Heart was empty, hope dwindled, hands worked without life. They moved, under the command of external forces shouting at them. “Left!” They shout, the hands moved left. “Right” they shout, the hands moved right.
“Faster!” They shout. The hands moved faster.

And faster. And faster.

If you peeked from outside the window into the room I was working, you see a woman meticulous sculpting the “perfect” portrait. Working at every detail, day and night.

If you peeked from inside of her heart into the sculpture she was making.
It was dazzling, but hollow.
It breathed confidence, but also fragility.
It was flawless, but also lifeless.

The piece was so delicate, a breeze could break it.

The day before

Voices outside started to change. Voices told her that she’ll be fine, voices told her to “be herself” She realized what was missing in the sculpture. She threw down the knife and walked inside.
The rocks broke down, everything shattered into the pieces. The new sculpture is not the ideal type. But a warm beam of yellow light shot out.
In this light, you see love. Love for all beings, no matter their actions, intentions.
You see hope, hope for a better future, for kindness and understanding, for a thriving humanity.
You see truth, you see the pain she’s endured, you see her heart exposed, healed, and strong. Ready for another fight.

So, she walked into the room, bare, exposed, imperfect. She tore down her mask, the layers of perfect sculpt.

There was such a liberation in this move, the outcome no longer mattered to her. The air of freedom and truth was so liberating, she relished this more than anything else.
The warm beam of light from her heart shone through the fog of doubt and anxiety.

“Freedom, finally !”
This is me. Take it or leave it.

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