I am some of that, conventionally. All of that, mythically. None of that, really


5/8/20241 min read

Who am I ?

I am a lonely child,

I am a child filled with joy and hope

I am a mother

I am a teacher, a student, a meditator, a friend

I am a traveler, a consultant, a manager

I am a wanderer on the outskirts of town

A princess in the heart of the city

I am an artist, a poet, a dancer

I am a nurse, a healer, an angel

A collector of heart whispers

A speaker of heart desires

I am the light that shines the way

The ground that holds the space

The waves that move in grace

I am the sun, the beginning of today

I am the moon, the end of yesterday

I am the woman who prays

The woman who plays

The woman who kisses you, and holds you in a long embrace

I am the last note, of an unfinished song

I am the first chirp of a bird, at dawn

I am the memory of a dream, contour of a face unknown

Or a deep rusty voice,

That sends waves, tingling waves, to your bones

I am the imagination you try to grasp

That did not last

I am the breath you held mid air

That did not pass

I am the truth you had forgotten

Remembered, at last

I am the shivers in your spine

When the original face surfaces before your eyes

I am the brush held by the divine

Colors, notes, bodies, lines

I am a hot, rising flame,

Fuelled by the dripping heart

I am the anguish in your veins

Waiting to be guided,



Into love with a thousand names

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