I am an open circle

Prose (Paris, Geneva)

12/18/20232 min read

I am an open circle,
A wave, that propagates,
The rhythm of water,
One wave, and then another, and another…

I am the rotation of the moon around the earth,
and the earth’s movement around the sun,
This simultaneous trajectory,
of a self-discovery,
mutual co-discovery
and the discovery of that which is boundless
beyond you and me

I am a circle of trust
reuniting souls, a family, a tribe,
A smile passed on, a tear rolled down, a warm embrace,
a dancing circle,
a sharing circle,
a moving circle.

The vision is an open circle, a shared moment of truth and open-heartedness,
Eye to eye, mind to mind, soul to soul

The vision is a family, a tribe, mutual support.
Giving, receiving.
Expressing, listening.
Everything, belonging.

The vision is change,
New ideas, new adventures, new horizons,
With the solid foundation of camaraderie.

The vision is stillness,
A piece of stillness in the never ending flux of life,
A moment frozen in time,
next to the heart.

Your mind may ask me, how will this look like, concretely?
I will get to that.
But please, allow me to speak to your heart, for just a moment longer.
Please, close your eyes, Take a breath.
A deep one, from the bottom of your stomach.
And ask your heart:
What do you yearn for?

Yes, now do it.

Our hearts yearn for a place we call home.
A place to belong.
Yet sometimes its speech is muffled.
Too often, its speech is muffled.
This family, this tribe, is a place for it to be heard again.
And again,
And, again.

To do that,
We need trust.
And for that,
We need time.
So that is exactly how it will be done.

Time, spent together.
With the intentions to open, to share, to receive.
To laugh, to cry,
To think, to debate,
To dance, to sing,
To walk, to swim,
To write, to breath.

Shall we give it a try?

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