(First) Closure

Poetry (Geneva)


I took her on a walk.
In the garden of peace,
She peaked outside her tent.

At first, I barely noticed,
then, when I was on my way out,
One foot having crossed the metal frame of the floor,
I sensed her going back in.

So I turned around, and invited her out.

Under the warm Swiss sunlight,
In an empty garden, amongst cherry blossoms, tulips,
bridge, a bond, flowers of all colors
Mother and daughter,
We existed, for a moment

This girl,
She had not seen light for so long.

She raises her face to the sun,
And see that it doesn’t burn

She takes a breath of fresh air,
And see that it doesn’t kill

There are no judging eyes,
no metals wheels ready to slash her,
she’s out,
and alive.

Not too ugly to receive light
Not too feeble to breath

She’s safe. She’s fine.

She first walked left and right timidly,
When she saw that I said nothing,
She took bigger steps,
started spinning in circles,
Becoming a flower herself.

I looked down,
My loving gaze caressing her,
Following the movement of her dances
As she dances through the garden,
Joyful to be outside, free, unafraid.

I kept smiling at her,
My heart filled with bliss.
Again, she breathed in the fresh air,
And took in the sights around her

She had such a pure fragility,
Untainted, Exquisite,
Unlike anything I’ve seen before.
She took in the world around her,
With such sensibility

When she gazed into the sky,
The pureness in her eyes,
The sensibility in her touch

When she gazed into the sky
Her and the sky,
They were one

This is when, I realized,
I have a chance to start over.

Let’s start over.

This time,
We give her enough time in the womb
And let her come out,
When she’s ready.

This time,
we hold her the moment she comes out,
When she gives her first cry,
We hush in her ears,
“Everything is alright. you are safe. You are where you are supposed to be.
I love you”

We let her explore,
Let her fall,
And get up
We let her grow,
Only going to the next place

When she’s ready

Whenever you’re ready.